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Don’t Ask, Don’t Yell

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Rumors are the the armed services are slowly phasing out the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” compromise of the early 90s, but of course, without ever saying that. It’s hard to know how many gay soldiers have died for our nation, but even one unacknowledged hero is one too many.



  • When I kneel down beside you and open up with my .50 cal are you going to ask me if I’m gay or straight while my rounds fly past you and bang the OPFOR back?

    I have seen firefights and let me tell you there is nothing sweeter than a buddy letting it rip when you have enemy closing in. You loved me then, why don’t you love me now?


  • LOLLY how on pRon sites now military aNd soldier and aRmy and fRaternity is gay gay gay

    is that tElling us something aBout rEality?

    yu tEll mE

  • the research that has just come out about gay behavior in animals is really fascinating. saw that guy on Colbert. Also, funny how everyone assumes he’s gay, which he isn’t. Oh my, science without a big personal agenda. It does happen.

  • I love how that big Republican lawyer has switched sides and is now pushing that gay marriage thing up to the Supreme Court. The Universe is gathering round, children. Just reach up and turn on the light.

  • hey i got your email at work, so i sent your link around to some peeps here

    pretty funny!

    k we all ready now for the reconquista lol!

  • um, gay people can get married in Mexico now

    never thot I’d see the day when Cali was behind Mexico in foward thinking

    Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum.

  • Guess you guys saw this thing about Karger getting all into the gay marriage whoop-de-do?

    I worked on a campaign once where he totally blindsided us with his oppo. He is the king of this.

    I love that he has switched sides and come to put his evil Rovian bullshit to work for the good guyz

    Come to the light, Fred! I AM your father!

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