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Live Feed from Spill

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Incredibly, you can see live what’s happening at the Deepwater Horizon well site. PBS News Hour has created a widget to share the feed with viewers worldwide, along with their estimation of how many gallons have leaked so far.

[Warning: May cause some viewers to become angry.]

Click here to see a Live Feed of the BP spill

Get the code to embed the widget on your site



  • This just makes me sick! How cam it take SIX WEEKS?! They act like it never occurred to them that this could happen!!

    Duh! I know I have to be ready when something happens at my work! Why weren’t they?!

  • This is part of the Cheney legacy. Gut the regulations. Sweetheart deals for all the players. Get the “guvmint offourbacks.” Everybody’s happy, right?

    Until we get a reminder what all those regulations are FOR!

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