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Political Loudmouth at Gay Pride in San Francisco

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Click photo above to see more pix!

Our dedicated team was in downtown San Francisco at the crack of 10 am, armed with large versions of some of our posters and a bagful of stickers to give away.

We met a whole bunch of interesting people from all over, shared a lot of laughs, and got interviewed by KPFA.

The hundreds of stickers we had were gone in a few minutes, next time we’ll bring thousands. : )

Lots of people took photos of our signs, and asked if they could pose with them. So while they were taking pictures of each other, we snapped some photos to put up on our site. You can see them here.

The hands-down audience favorite was:  “Two girls kissing is hot. Two wives kissing is hotter.”  Woot!

If we met you at the parade on Sunday, thanks for coming by the site, and thanks for making our day so fun! If you want to email us pix or just get in touch, you can reach us at



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