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There’s a wave of legislative attacks on women’s rights happening right now. The current move by a small group of older males to seize control of the lives and sexuality of all women is gathering force, and the intent is as ugly as that of any Bronze Age patriarch.

OHIO: Republicans are launching five separate bills aimed at restricting access to abortions, including a controversial measure banning the procedure as early as six weeks after conception.” One proposed law would outlaw abortions from the moment a fetus’ heartbeat is detected.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Legislation seeks to redefine the definition of “justifiable homicide” to the defense of an “unborn child.” Abortion-rights advocates immediately described the pending statute as “an invitation to murder abortion providers.”

IOWA: A panel of the state House Human Resources Committee approved language that would criminalize doctors who perform abortions.

FLORIDA: An ordained minister, who is also a Republican lawmaker, has introduced the Florida For Life Act, which seeks to outlaw most abortions.

MONTANA, OKLAHOMA, FLORIDA, TEXAS, IOWA, NORTH DAKOTA: New “personhood” bills define “personhood” at a fetus’s earliest moments – even earlier than the current test set forth by the Supreme Court.

NATIONAL: One bill would prevent women from purchasing insurance that includes abortion coverage in the new insurance exchanges even if they’re using their own money. This kind of restriction could lead to insurance companies dropping abortion coverage entirely. The same bill would also levy a special tax on small businesses and individuals who purchase insurance coverage that includes abortion. Another bill would, incredibly, allow hospitals to turn away a woman seeking an abortion, even if she’ll die without it—a major change from current law.

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