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Daily Kos Calling for Boycott of Koch Products, Starting with Georgia Pacific

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Want to hit the Koch brothers where it hurts? Daily Kos is putting together a boycott of Koch brothers products. Since they make so many things, and often their materials are far back in the manufacturing process, it can be quite a challenge to even identify which products to boycott.

But Daily Kos has a great idea. Boycott the products put out by Georgia Pacific, one of their many subsidiaries:

Toilet Paper:

Angel Soft
Quilted Northern
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush
Soft’n Gentle


Dixie Plates and Bowls
Dixie Cups


Mardi Gras
Vanity Fair

Paper Towels:

Mardi Gras

Thank you, and happy boycotting!


One Comment

  • Don’t need to boycott, don’t use any of these inferior products anyway. Must have Koch brothers nastiness attached to them.

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