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US Supreme Court Sides With Convicted Rapist Against a Teen-Aged Girl

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A teen-aged cheerleader in Texas refused to cheer for a player who was convicted of raping her. (He had received a light sentence from the court, and was still  allowed to play for the school.) The school dismissed her from the cheer leading squad, so she sued. She lost.

The high school has come up with a figure of $45,000 in “damages” that she owes. And now the US Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, giving its stamp of approval to the rapist and the high school that have caused such flagrant harm to this girl.

This story is difficult to believe. Here are the phone numbers and email addresses of the school officials involved, in case you would like to call and ask for clarification on this story:

Richard Bain Jr., Supt., Silsbee School , rbain@silsbeeisd.org, (409) 980-7800

Eldon Franco, Principal, Silsbee High School, efranco@silsbeeisd.org; (409) 980-7800, ext. 6030.

The fax is 409-980-7897.

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