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Here Are Our Pix from the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco Today

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It was a fabu day, and we had a large team of Loudmouths out with the posters and stickers. Everyone was very pumped up about the recent New York decision on marriage equality. Much fun was had by all. Notice that the lady above is wearing our stickers. : )

You can see our photos from today on our Facebook page here.

Here’s a vid of a cute couple who wanted to kiss under our “2 Wives Kissing” sign.

You can see the pictures that had some nudity here. (We’re posting them separately because Facebook considers any nudity a violation of the terms of service.)

Hope you had a great day also!


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  • unit 91 come in 91. unit 91 come in 91. what are you doin out there 91? quit cuttin your pubes 91, we’ve got a hell rasier in a white miata. 91 are you there, 91 are you there?

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