Live Video Feed for the “Occupy Wall Street” Protest

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This video feed is also showing footage from last night. The aim of this group is to take a lesson from the protesters in Tahrir  Square in Egypt and launch a demonstration that doesn’t simply go away when the day is over.  Today, Sept 17, is Day 2.

To see the video feed click here or click the image above. (The feed sometimes drops for a bit, so if you take a look and it’s not going, check it out a little later.)

You can follow the Twitter stream at  #occupywallstreet and #occupywallstreetnyc

Here are pictures from Day 1.



  • Hey Honor-Thanks for posting this item. I, much like the redaer who alerted AintItCool, also knew John by way of his daughter(us high school drama geeks are a tight bunch). When I got the email from a friend last week about John’s passing i was so saddened. His work was so prolific, but it was his Disney posters that fascinated me the most. Walking into the Alvin household, one was greeted with the poster for Beauty and the Beast hanging in the entryway. My personal favorite was the poster for Aladdin, though,(those are his hands holding the lamp by the way). What I shall remember him the most for is not the artwork but the way he opened his heart and his home to all us kids time and time again. The world has lost a different kind of Disney Legend, one whose name isn’t as well known as others, but a Legend none the less. Godspeed, John Alvin…

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