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New Poster: “Abstinence = Unplanned Parenthood”

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Abstinence as birth control is the perennial daydream of people who are so conflicted about their own bodies that they want to control everyone else’s bodies as well.

This method of birth control is essentially a bald-faced lie, because everyone knows that it doesn’t work. The value that it does provide to a puritanical anti-sex zealot is that it’s the perfect set-up for shaming/attacking/ostracizing the woman who gets pregnant. Because, of course, there is never any visible sign that a male has had sex, so women have borne the brunt of this sex rage for thousands of years.

But there’s no reason for any modern American woman to put up with this, because it’s easy to find a Planned Parenthood Health Center near you.

For a hi-res, printable version of this poster, just click the image above.

To see more free posters related to the current War on Women, please go here.


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