12 days to go: Another reason to vote Obama 2012: He ended the lifetime cap on healthcare benefits

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Before Obamacare, health insurance companies could cancel your insurance if you hit a lifetime cap. Of course, at that point, no other insurer would take you, so in a single moment you would be:

1. Without health insurance, permanently, and then very quickly…

2. Financially ruined, as your life savings would swiftly be decimated by medical costs, and therefore, very soon…
3. You would lose your house, and with your finances ruined, you could never get another one. And after all this destruction you would find yourself…
4. Without healthcare, permanently, which means that whatever catastrophic illness was happening to you would be running rampant, leaving you…
5. Broke, homeless, your family’s life crushed, your children’s futures crippled, a pariah, and moving swiftly towards…
6. Death.
This tragic series of events happened to many, many Americans. These are the people that Candidate Romney considers to be moochers.

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