New Poster: “Poor People Are Not Poor Because It’s a Great Idea.”

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How do right-wingers go on and on without seeing this?



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  • Rachel’s statement is perfect for today’s Us vs Them discourse which passes as political debate. The problem is she is wrong, and her audience eats it up because she is “preaching to the choir.” What I would like to see is a solution to poverty that does not require the “redistribution” (otherwise known as stealing or collectivism) of income from rich to poor (in Robin Hood-esque fashion). Opportunity with a capital O does not mean taxing rich people more. What does that do? Provide our government more revenue so we can spend more on war? It certainly has nothing to do with some idea of fairness, because the upper income individuals already pay the vast majority of our tax base. When it comes right down to it, the reason our gradually collectivizing society wants to tax the rich more is because we want to bring them down to our level. It’s like beating up the smart kid in class, or smiling inside when the all-state jock gets an F on his test, or the fascination our society has with the personal lives of celebrities and politicians and sports figures – they’re richer and/or better looking and/or more talented than we are, so in order to make ourselves feel better we eat it up when they fail or screw up or lose, like jealous hyenas on the cultural savannah. We want to see them hurt so it justifies our own lack of drive or lack of success.

    Opportunity, as anyone who has made it from nothing to something (such as Oprah, let’s say), is created by the individual. Opportunity is created by working toward a goal, day after day after day, until Opportunity finally can’t help but knock. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers,” he talks about the need to practice a skill for 10,000 hours to achieve the necessary level of professional excellence (to succeed magnificently like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or a professional athlete or violinist or author). Maybe if we all stopped bitching about our lack of opportunities, instead using the former “bitching time” to determine what our passion in life was, and pursued that non-stop for 10,000 hours, a lot more of us might suddenly find Opportunity.

    I am not rich, but I want to do something great, and be “more” than I am at the moment. I propose the problem is not our society, but you and me. I propose that many more successful people (than the collectivists want to admit) achieved success through hard work, not through taking advantage of the worker comrades. I propose that, as individuals, we grow up and accept that no one owes us, that we owe ourselves, that the only right we control is the right to find a purpose in life and pursue it. I propose that Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews and Obama are just as guilty of “keeping you down” as O’Reilly or Hannity or (insert Republican here), maybe even more so, because they capitalize on feeding the 99% vs 1% flames for their own purposes, which are, wait for it… to SUCCEED and (in Obama’s case) to hold power.

    So how about, instead of watching Rachel or Chris or Sean or Bill, instead we try to make something of ourselves, become excellent at something we love, and succeed on our own terms? I know, I know – a revolutionary thought. But why not? Rachel does not care about you. She is using you. So is Chris. So are Bill and Sean. Instead of blindly continuing the cultural war waged between the Left and Right Media and their political sycophants, why not wean yourself from the media teat and become a Revolution of One?

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