Remember When Republican Politicians Weren’t Nuts?

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Rember When Repiblican Politicians Weren't Nuts?

Come back, Ike and Teddy!

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    • We would agree that Ike was talking the Cold War arms race. We don’t intend this as a comment on civilian gun ownership. It’s all about where we spend our national dollars.

      • I guess I really object to the painting of all Republicans with such a broad brush. There are many Eisenhower-type Republicans.

        I registered as a Republican when I became a citizen, because I want small government. Having defected from the USSR, I knew far too much was a big government could do to the citizen. Actually, neither party is one of “small government.” But the Libertarians want too little government.

        I am pro-choice, pro-marital equality, pro-gun, pro-individual Rights and an atheist. But I want a Space Program, National Parks, State Parks, strong defense and so on. So I fit in with none of the established groups.

        I do not like Presidents (regardless of Party) who want to “get around” the Constitution or selectively enforce those laws they agree with only. I want the Patriot Act repealed and the FISA Courts shut down. That is not what I believe America is about.

        America should be one where the Federal Government does not have jurisdiction over anything that happens solely within one State. So if Colorado wants legal marijuana, as long as it is grown and sold and used there, the Federal Government should have no say.

        But the Rights we have should be universal throughout the country.

        Where is THAT Party?

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