We are a volunteer group of professional marketers, dedicated to helping the people make their voices heard. Why should well-designed communications be monopolized by the powerful?

We create free viral marketing materials in support of liberal causes. Our two largest campaigns in the last 18 months have been marriage equality and women’s rights, but we have also done posters for many other causes, including unions, Occupy, Obama, and Wisconsin.

Our posters have been featured by DailyKos, MoveOn.org, and Forbes.com, as well as many smaller news outlets and thousands of blogs.

Our “Anthem Occupy” song was featured on a number of radio stations, including:

WUSB, Stony Brook, NY
FM 99, Alitus Lithuania
KUOW, Seattle, WA
CRS FM, Wellington, New Zealand

We have also done work for some political candidates.

Over the last two years we’ve built up a community of over 50,000 readers on our Facebook page.

To see the posters, look under the “Photos” tab.

To see our women’s rights poster album, go here

To see our marriage equality poster album, go here

Thanks for stopping by. Please take some free posters with you!



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