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Hello, friends. Thanks for stopping by. This is the place to find political posters and flyers that you can download, print, and use absolutely free!

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So far, we’ve done sets of posters about the election, War on Women, War on Workers, Planned Parenthood, Occupy, crazy liberal ideas, the Wisconsin rebellion, your gov’t at work, healthcare reform, marriage equality, legalizing marijuana, rethinking oil, voting, and anything else about this moment in time. You can see some samples below, and links to all of our posters at the right near the top.

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Bloggers Lovin’ and Hatin’ on Our Posters.

So far, our posters have appeared on thousands of blogs, and we’ve gotten some interesting comments along the way.

Most of the peeps who like them just reblog and share them with their friends. People who are moved to comment are often angered by the posters, and it’s quite interesting to hear what their take is.  Here is a sampling for you. (You can see our full set  of 200+ screen grabs here.)




















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New Poster: “If God Hates Fags, Why Are We So Cute?”

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The Chick-fil-A debacle has developed quite a bit of sturm und drang. So here’s a free poster to lighten the mood as we continue fighting the good fight against the hater community.

To download a free hi-res version of this poster, please click here.

To see more of our free downloadable posters supporting marriage equality, please visit our Facebook page.


New Free Poster! “Civil Rights For All Was a Crazy Liberal Idea.”


This is another poster in our series that celebrates the many ways that “crazy liberal ideas” have shaped the America we love today.  Liberals can be either Democrats or Republicans. At the time of Lincoln, for example, the Republican Party was the new party with liberal ideas, and the Democratic Party backed the status quo and slavery. Over the last 150 years, the two parties have completely swapped positions, but there are still liberals fighting the good fight. And that’s how we move forward. Without liberals taking action, we would still be living the feudal era.

To get a hi-res version of this poster, just click the image above.

To see more posters about crazy liberal ideas, go here.

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New “Dollar Bill Protest” is Gaining Momentum


These bills are showing up everywhere now. And the amazing thing is, the statement above is true. You may recall the recent public discussion about which large corporations have paid no taxes in recent years, largely because of loopholes put in place by Republican legislators. For example, General Electric paid no taxes at all in 2009. Not a small amount. Not a low rate. They literally did not pay a dollar.

This is the sort of protest that one can engage in from the comfort of one’s own home, with a glass of ice tea at one’s elbow. Of course, defacing money is a crime, so PoliticalLoudmouth would never sanction such a thing. Sugar and lemon for you?

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Here Are Our Pix from the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco Today

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It was a fabu day, and we had a large team of Loudmouths out with the posters and stickers. Everyone was very pumped up about the recent New York decision on marriage equality. Much fun was had by all. Notice that the lady above is wearing our stickers. : )

You can see our photos from today on our Facebook page here.

Here’s a vid of a cute couple who wanted to kiss under our “2 Wives Kissing” sign.

You can see the pictures that had some nudity here. (We’re posting them separately because Facebook considers any nudity a violation of the terms of service.)

Hope you had a great day also!

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We’ll Be Giving Away 1000 Stickers at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco Tomorrow

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So if you see us, be sure to come over and say hi! This sticker is based on what is by far our most popular marriage equality poster. We have more posters and more stickers than we did last year, so it should be quite a bit of fun. See you there!

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Marriage Equality Passes in New York : )

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Looks like the Pride Fairy came early this year. The New York state senate just passed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Marriage Equality Act by a vote of 33-29.

All Democratic senators execpt pastor Ruben Diaz, Sr.  voted for the measure. And they were supported by Republicans Roy McDonald and James Alesi, who had announced their intentions to support the bill before the vote. Republican Steve Saland, who spoke at length about his decision, said, “I hope that my parents would be proud.” They are, Steve!

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New Poster: “Love Is For Everyus. Love Is For Everythem. Love is For Everyone.”


In celebration of Pride Week, we put together this new series of posters supporting marriage equality. Just click the image above to download a hi-res version you can print out. To see more free posters on this topic, go here.

If you’d like to have this image on a T-shirt, please visit our cafepress page.

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New Poster: “Love Is For Everyher. Love Is For Everyhim. Love Is For Everyone.””

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Love is for every pronoun. Love is for every noun. Love is for every thing that creepeth upon the earth, or swimmeth in the sea, or flyeth in the skyeth.  : )

Here’s the first in our new series of posters supporting marriage equality, Just in time for Gay Pride. Yay!

For a free hi-res download of this poster, just click the image above.

If you’d like a T-shirt with this image on it, just click here.

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New Poster: “Gaia Say Fight: You Are Our Secret Weapon Against The War on Women”

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The recent War on Women waged by the American Trailer Park Patriarchs Party is, of course, just the most recent skirmish in a virulent campaign that has being going on at least since a certain Bronze Age thug/goatherd first intoned, “Look, it’s Yahweh or the highway.”

Now, the planet herself is waking and says to you, “Rise up, my children. I am with you. I will strengthen your arm. Strike a blow for freedom. Yours…and mine.”

To download a printable version of this poster, just click on the image above.

To see more free posters on this topic, please go here.

To get a T-shirt or a poster with this art on it, please visit our cafepress page.

We are grateful to the Brazilian artist Patricia Ariel, for very kindly giving us permission to use some of her extraordinary images of the empowered feminine. See more of her work at

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New Bumper Sticker: “Sodomy Prevents Abortions. Please Bend Over.”

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Perhaps surprisingly, we’ve had many requests to turn this poster into a bumper sticker. So here it is! And, for you hardy souls brave enough to put this bumper sticker on your car, I salute you!

It’s available on our cafe press page, here.

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New Poster: “Should You Have to Prove To the IRS That You Were Raped?”

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Should rape and incest survivors be forced to prove that they were assaulted to the IRS? Amazingly, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have answered with a resounding “Yes!” HR 3, the bill that includes this provision, has now passed in the House.

Here’s how it would work: HR 3 imposes tax penalties on small businesses and individuals who buy abortion coverage with their OWN money—with exceptions only for cases of rape, incest, or when a woman’s life is in danger.

The result? Survivors of rape and incest who seek abortions could be forced to detail their assaults and provide proof to IRS investigators.

Tell the Senate to stand up against this terrible bill, and speak out against the Republican war on women. Please sign the petition today.

To download a printable version of this poster, just click on the image above.

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New Essay: “Egalitarianism Was a Crazy Liberal Idea”

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In last few decades, American conservatives have worked hard to put about the idea that liberals are elitists. To a surprising degree, they have been successful, at least with some portions of the population. How did this happen? And where did idea that we should treat our fellow citizens equally really come from?

Find out in this brisk and brief essay by guest blogger and legal historian Dr. William Turner.

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Talking Points: Anti-Monopoly Laws Were a Crazy Liberal Idea

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You may have seen our poster series on the “crazy liberal ideas” that have formed the America we love today. Now, this brisk essay by legal historian Dr. William Turner shows how anti-monopoly laws were a crazy liberal idea when they were first put in place, and how they remain a powerful and much-needed crazy liberal idea today. It provides some great talking points for anyone supporting the rights of workers.

Click here to read

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Photos from the “We Are One” Rallies Today

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Today there were more than a thousand “We Are One” rallies across the United States. Political Loudmouth went to the rally in San Francisco, and PL readers are sending in their pix as well, from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Washington, British Columbia, Connecticut, and other places. Snuggle into the unity, brothers and sisters!

And if you have some to share, please email them to Thanks! And hugs to all!

Click here to see the photo album

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New Poster: “Arise, Sisters! Fight Back Against the Republican War on Women”


Here’s the second poster in our War on Women campaign. Click on the image to download a printer-friendly version. We also created a version that doesn’t include the word “Republican” for folks who would like to use this as a way to reach out to people who wouldn’t ordinarily identify themselves as liberal.

Click here for a non-Republican version

Click here to see more posters on this topic

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Our Voices Are Being Heard: Ohio Republicans Afraid to Pass SB 5

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Ohio’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives is scared to pass SB 5, which ends collective bargaining rights, because of the people’s outcry and the fast-moving recall campaigns mounted in Wisconsin. DUH, WINNING!

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The United States of America is a Crazy Liberal Idea

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You’ve seen our ongoing poster series about the liberal ideas that have formed the nation we know and love today. Now check out this entertaining and intelligent essay by noted legal historian Dr. William Turner that shows exactly how these ideas came to be part of the founding moment of our country.

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