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Republican Rape Logic

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It seems clear that for many Republican elected officials, it’s impossible to understand how incredibly offensive it is to minimize rape, “define down” rape, parse what is or is not “legitimate rape,” say that rape babies are “gifts from God,” make it difficult for women to get abortions if they get pregnant from a rape, etc etc ad nauseum.

So we’ve created this poster in an attempt to demonstrate this offensiveness by turning the situation around.

If you find this poster very offensive, that is exactly the appropriate response. It IS very offensive to talk about people getting raped in a way that makes light of it.

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New Poster: “Abstinence = Unplanned Parenthood”

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Abstinence as birth control is the perennial daydream of people who are so conflicted about their own bodies that they want to control everyone else’s bodies as well.

This method of birth control is essentially a bald-faced lie, because everyone knows that it doesn’t work. The value that it does provide to a puritanical anti-sex zealot is that it’s the perfect set-up for shaming/attacking/ostracizing the woman who gets pregnant. Because, of course, there is never any visible sign that a male has had sex, so women have borne the brunt of this sex rage for thousands of years.

But there’s no reason for any modern American woman to put up with this, because it’s easy to find a Planned Parenthood Health Center near you.

For a hi-res, printable version of this poster, just click the image above.

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New Poster: “Of Course Bishops Don’t Care About Birth Control. Altar Boys Can’t Get Pregnant.”

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For the Catholic Church to presume to speak with moral authority on the issue of birth control policy in the United States is stunning in its arrogance, given the repeated instances of the Catholic Church protecting pedophiles all over the world. We’ve been hearing so much rage from our readers on this issue; this new poster is a reflection of that.

For a hi-res, printable version, just click the image above.

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New Poster! “Get Your Burn On: Fire Up the Fight Against the War on Women.”

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The right wing campaign against women continues to grow. This is the moment to gather our forces and strike back. When is the time to get fired up? Now!

To download a free, printable version of this poster, just click on the art above.

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Many thanks to Brazilian artist Patricia Ariel for allowing us to feature her art. You can see more of her amazing paintings here.

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New Poster: “Gaia Say Fight: You Are Our Secret Weapon Against The War on Women”

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The recent War on Women waged by the American Trailer Park Patriarchs Party is, of course, just the most recent skirmish in a virulent campaign that has being going on at least since a certain Bronze Age thug/goatherd first intoned, “Look, it’s Yahweh or the highway.”

Now, the planet herself is waking and says to you, “Rise up, my children. I am with you. I will strengthen your arm. Strike a blow for freedom. Yours…and mine.”

To download a printable version of this poster, just click on the image above.

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We are grateful to the Brazilian artist Patricia Ariel, for very kindly giving us permission to use some of her extraordinary images of the empowered feminine. See more of her work at

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New Bumper Sticker: “Sodomy Prevents Abortions. Please Bend Over.”

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Perhaps surprisingly, we’ve had many requests to turn this poster into a bumper sticker. So here it is! And, for you hardy souls brave enough to put this bumper sticker on your car, I salute you!

It’s available on our cafe press page, here.

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What Will John Boehner Do With a Million Panties?


Do recent legislative attempts to curtail women’s reproductive rights have you seeing red? Well, don’t just get ’em in a knot! Get ’em in the mail! To the Speaker of the House, of course.

Here’s the address:

Office of the Speaker
H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

The target mail date is August 1, 2011. You can keep up with the progress of the campaign and swap tips on panty-packing at the campaign page on Facebook.

Just click the image above to download a hi-res image for printing.

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Conservative Women and Gay Hookers: Please Join the Sex Strike

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Many PL readers suggested this idea, and Aristophanes beat us to it by a couple millennia with Lysistrata. But we still managed to add a twist that reflects the current moment.

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Republicans Vote for More Violence Against Women

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What else happens when we defund Planned Parenthood? Because of the many different programs that Panned Parenthood administers, the ramifications are vast. Are our friends among the Republican rank-and-file in favor of more violence against women and children? That seems unlikely. More probably, domestic violence is just another pawn in the relentless power plays by the right-wing elites.

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Hating Women, Loving Cancer

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The Republican votes to defund Planned Parenthood are votes against women’s health in many, many ways. This is the first in a new series of posters that explore the ramifications of this House vote.

Sign the open letter to Congress here

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