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  • Just got off the phone with United HealthCare, asking for their plan on pulling advertisments from Rush Limbaugh’s show. After waiting for 5 minutes on hold, she came back with ” Our current stance on the issue is No Comment” .

    • Hi Leslie,

      Thanks for your note. Yes, that is a nice-looking poster. This art originally came to us as a photograph of some street art, which had been sent to us by one of our readers. We thought it was public domain. Once it started getting widely shared, we got about a zillion emails telling us that it’s a piece of Shepard Fairey art. Since we don’t want to use people’s art in our posters without permission, we decided to take it down. That’s why you couldn’t find it.

      However, we’d be glad to share it with you. You can download a hi-res version here:


  • Your souls are in danger of everlasting condemnation in the fires of Hell–forever and ever and ever–NEVER ENDING–for your horrifically blasphemous poster regarding God and tea-party members.

    Do you not have any fear of God? Your own Creator? You own Judge? Wasn’t it enough that Jesus was savagely crucified because of your sins? Isn’t that enough pain to inflict on your own Savior? But you have to mock Almighty God by such vile, vulgar, evil blasphemy?

    Be advised: GOD IS NOT MOCKED! Believe me, if you go to your grave unrepentant, you’re in for the shock of your life: the eternal loss of God!

  • Why do you think you have the right to tell others what they should think? You are not so great. Just because you are clever, that is not reason enough.

  • this country, Amerika, disgusting, your party seems to have the ideas of being able to buy your way out of everything. You will all regret it, quit following your media campaigns and websites like this. It ruined my country and will ruin yours as well, how do you think hitler became our leader, the media they had back then.

  • im confused that your logo is ” gay guys dont have abortions”
    abortions are about a womens choice and you guys of all people should know about how imortant freedom of choice is
    i belive in treating everyone equally with their choices of what ever they want to do and it seems this statement
    is contradicting everything your trying to promote
    gay guys dont have abortions so……. what? their better them women….. that do?
    is that the right message maybe im just confused but the statement just seems soo stupid to me

    • Hi Heather,

      Thanks for checking out our site!

      The “Gay couples don’t have abortions” poster is really meant more as an example of how easily we are all manipulated by politicized language. It’s also offered as a bit of a brain teaser for our friends on the right. We hope to short-circuit the usual conservative thought process and possibly enable a fresh perspective.

      This is definitely our most challenging headline. And it’s so deadpan that carries a fairly high risk of being read as a straightforward message. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve filled out this campaign with lots of soft and fluffy headlines that are clearly tongue-in-cheek.

      I’ve been surprised that we haven’t gotten more negative feedback on the “Stop gay sex” poster, but I haven’t heard anything about that one at all. I guess the joke is more obvious, which makes the point of view more obvious, too.

      BTW, we are totally pro-choice. We’ve even done a whole set of posters on that topic.

      Thanks again for your comment.

      – PLoud

  • I would love it if there were a t-shirt option for “Sodomy prevents abortion. Please bend over”. I would purchase it in a heartbeat. Same with “Genitals don’t get married. People do.”

  • Hi Beltway Bob and other readers. We had an issue with our other contact email.

    So this one – PLoudmouth (at) – is new and works fine.

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We love to hear from you and we often make posters based on conversations with PL readers.

    – PLoud

  • this is like the best poli stuff I’ve seen in awhile

    Ima send this to some people

    thanks PoliticalLoudmouth

  • i don’t really like what you are doing

    it’s too loud, too obvious

    why don’t you do something interesting instead?

  • This new shit is pretty cool. For while there, it was kinda boring, but now you are getting some punch. I’ma put one of these up at my agency and see what happens. Prolly be an HR alert with sirens and the sprinklers will go off. lol

  • Hey saw your stuff a LOT on LGBT fun, you all really swarmed it. Thanks for doing such interesting posters – super smart and new – we could use more like you – keep it up – i’ve been around a long time – love to see fresh faces on our side


  • riiiiiiight, so anytime now the goobermobile is going to show up and you’ll have the Gods Hates Fags brigade on your doorstep.

    Which, I just noticed, your new stuff kinda looks like. Intentional?

  • I’d like to see all these independent efforts (like yours) get hooked up so they can gather together and move while we have the opportunity

  • Good thinking getting a special gmail acct for this, cuz u know this address is going to get trashed!

    Anyway, sounds fun, thanks for letting me know, and I’ll be interested to see what you guys get up to.

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