Crazy Liberal Ideas – Downloads

This is a new series of posters that celebrates the many contributions liberal ideas have made to shaping the country we love so much today.


Click the poster above to download a printable version.

Click here to read about Missouri State Senator Jane Cunningham’s bill to reintroduce child labor.

Click the poster above to download a printable version.

Click the poster above to download a printable version.


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Download 72 dpi version for Interwebs sharing

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Download 72 dpi version for Interwebs sharing

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Download 72 dpi version for Interwebs sharing

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  • Don’t remember even being aware of that .1% jump durnig Bush’s term. Looked in some of the news archives, and didn’t find that much. But perhaps it is because anyone with a lick of sense is still expecting unemployment to continue to rise for probably at least another 6 months. Employment is always the last indicator to turn around in a recession.

  • It is unbelievable that you people have all been brainwashed by liberals and fall for their lies and propaganda and the liberals complete lack of facts on their claim civil rights was their idea……its truly disgusting that you people dont count the republicans who made it happen thru all the years the supposed liberal democrats OPPOSED civil rights for all

  • Civil Rights was a Republican idea. Democrat / Republican facts : # 1 – The Republican Party was formed in the 1850’s specifically to oppose Democratic pro-slavery policies.

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 2 – Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves as the 16th Republican president. He was murdered by a Democrat.

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 3 – In 1868 not 1 Democrat voted for the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (granting former slaves citizenship). The bill was passed by Republicans

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 4 – The Ku Klux Klan was formed by Democratic southerners in the 1870’s specifically to stop Republicans and African Americans from voting. On April 20, 1871 Republican Congress enacted the Ku Klux Klan Act, outlawing Democratic Party-affiliated terrorist groups which oppressed African-Americans

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 5 – March 1, 1875 Civil Rights Act of 1875, guaranteeing access to public accommodations without regard to race, signed by Republican President U.S. Grant; passed with 92% Republican support over 100% Democrat opposition

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 6 – July 14, 1884 Republicans criticize Democratic Party’s nomination of racist U.S. Senator Thomas Hendricks (D-IN) for vice president; he had voted against the 13th Amendment banning slavery

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 7 – August 30, 1890 Republican President Benjamin Harrison signs legislation by U.S. Senator Justin Morrill (R-VT) making African-Americans eligible for land-grant colleges in the South

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 8 – February 8, 1894 Democrat Congress and Democrat President Grover Cleveland join to repeal Republicans’ Enforcement Act, which had enabled African-Americans to vote

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 9 – April 18, 1920 Minnesota’s FIRST-in-the-nation anti-lynching law, promoted by African-American Republican Nellie Francis, signed by Republican Gov. Jacob Preus

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 10 – May 17, 1954 Chief Justice Earl Warren, three-term Republican Governor (CA) and Republican vice presidential nominee in 1948, wins unanimous support of Supreme Court for school desegregation in Brown v. Board of Education

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 11 – November 25, 1955 Eisenhower administration bans racial segregation of interstate bus travel

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 12 – March 12, 1956 Ninety-seven Democrats in Congress condemn Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education, and pledge to continue segregation

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 13 – June 5, 1956 Republican federal judge Frank Johnson rules in favor of Rosa Parks in decision striking down “blacks in the back of the bus” law

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 14 – October 19, 1956 On campaign trail, Vice President Richard Nixon vows: “American boys and girls shall sit, side by side, at any school – public or private – with no regard paid to the color of their skin. Segregation, discrimination, and prejudice have no place in America”

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 15 – November 6, 1956 African-American civil rights leaders Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy vote for Republican Dwight Eisenhower for President

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 16 – September 9, 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower signs Republican Party’s 1957 Civil Rights Act

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 17 – September 24, 1957 Sparking criticism from Democrats such as Senators John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, President Dwight Eisenhower deploys the 82nd Airborne Division to Little Rock, AR to force Democrat Governor Orval Faubus to integrate public schools

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 18 – June 23, 1958 President Dwight Eisenhower meets with Martin Luther King and other African-American leaders to discuss plans to advance civil rights

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 19 – February 4, 1959 President Eisenhower informs Republican leaders of his plan to introduce 1960 Civil Rights Act, despite staunch opposition from many Democrats

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 20 – May 6, 1960 President Dwight Eisenhower signs Republicans’ Civil Rights Act of 1960, overcoming 125-hour, around-the-clock filibuster by 18 Senate Democrats

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 21 – May 2, 1963 Republicans condemn Democrat sheriff of Birmingham, AL for arresting over 2,000 African-American schoolchildren marching for their civil rights

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 22 – June 1, 1963 Democrat Governor George Wallace announces defiance of court order issued by Republican federal judge Frank Johnson to integrate University of Alabama

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 23 – September 29, 1963 Gov. George Wallace (D-AL) defies order by U.S. District Judge Frank Johnson, appointed by President Dwight Eisenhower, to integrate Tuskegee High School

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 24 – June 9, 1964 Republicans condemn 14-hour filibuster against 1964 Civil Rights Act by U.S. Senator and former Ku Klux Klansman Robert Byrd (D-WV), who still serves in the Senate

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 25 – The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was introduced and approved by a staggering majority of Republicans in the Senate. The Act was opposed by most southern Democrat senators, several of whom were proud segregationists—one of them being Al Gore Sr. Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson relied on Illinois Senator Everett Dirkson, the Republican leader from Illinois, to get the Act passed.

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 26 – June 20, 1964 The Chicago Defender, renowned African-American newspaper, praises Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) for leading passage of 1964 Civil Rights Act

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 27 – Civil Rights Struggle March 7, 1965 Police under the command of Democrat Governor George Wallace attack African-Americans demonstrating for voting rights in Selma, AL

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 28 – March 21, 1965 Republican federal judge Frank Johnson authorizes Martin Luther King’s protest march from Selma to Montgomery, overruling Democrat Governor George Wallace

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 29 – August 4, 1965 Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen (R-IL) overcomes Democrat attempts to block 1965 Voting Rights Act; 94% of Senate Republicans vote for landmark civil right legislation, while 27% of Democrats oppose

    Democrat / Republican facts : # 30 – August 6, 1965 Voting Rights Act of 1965, abolishing literacy tests and other measures devised by Democrats to prevent African-Americans from voting, signed into law; higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats vote in favor

    • Hey “Anonymous” dipshit: Why do all your facts end at 1965? Because that’s about when the Republicans and Democrats flipped sides on the issues. Take your “fact” that MLK Jr voted for Eisenhower. Well, Eisenhower also taxed the rich at 90%, expanded social programs, and spoke out against the “military-industrial complex”, a phrase which he coined. Get your “facts” right.

      • (Yes, Eisenhower was a Republican. He was also a “liberal”, in the contemporary sense of the word.)

      • Hey poopdick Thomas. Odd how you mentioned 1965 because idiots and other demo/libs like you are are stuck and cannot get out from the last 50 years. Get YOUR facts right!!!

  • Met you one of your reps today, I can now say that I have a different opinion of people i the professions you all seem to have. You aren’t all money grubbing greedy jerks! Thanks for the education. Will down load a few posters and put them where the will have the most impact!

  • Isn’t in unbelievable that women could not vote well into the 20th century? Shows you how precarious our hold on equality really is. Thanks for helping educate people.

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