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Political Loudmouth at Gay Pride in San Francisco


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Our dedicated team was in downtown San Francisco at the crack of 10 am, armed with large versions of some of our posters and a bagful of stickers to give away.

We met a whole bunch of interesting people from all over, shared a lot of laughs, and got interviewed by KPFA.

The hundreds of stickers we had were gone in a few minutes, next time we’ll bring thousands. : )

Lots of people took photos of our signs, and asked if they could pose with them. So while they were taking pictures of each other, we snapped some photos to put up on our site. You can see them here.

The hands-down audience favorite was:  “Two girls kissing is hot. Two wives kissing is hotter.”  Woot!

If we met you at the parade on Sunday, thanks for coming by the site, and thanks for making our day so fun! If you want to email us pix or just get in touch, you can reach us at

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Story on Political Loudmouth in The Dallas Voice

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In case you missed it, has been offering free downloads of posters like the one above for the legalization of same-sex marriage. Cool and colorful, just download these suckers and plaster them all over the place. The site pushes targeting conservatives (um … who else?) with these posters, but the bright whimsy keeps them from coming off as too militant….”

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New Friends of the Earth Ad


Here’s the new ad put together by Friends of the Earth, NRDC, and the Clean Air Task Force.

If you’d like to say something to BP about this issue, you can contact them here.

Although you’ll probably get more bang for your buck by connecting with your elected representative. There’s an easy way to do that here. And, yes, they DO want to hear from you!

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Live Feed from Spill


Incredibly, you can see live what’s happening at the Deepwater Horizon well site. PBS News Hour has created a widget to share the feed with viewers worldwide, along with their estimation of how many gallons have leaked so far.

[Warning: May cause some viewers to become angry.]

Click here to see a Live Feed of the BP spill

Get the code to embed the widget on your site

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O, Carly!


Well, all signs are that Carly Fiorina is taking pages out of the Karl Rove playbook. This video trashes moderate Republican Tom Campbell with all kinds of untrue accusations about his fiscal conservatism. Not to mention that this video is so bizarrely over-the-top as to be laughable. Only Mr. Rove could be that shameless. All hands on deck and keep your eyes peeled for the new Karl/Carly Axis of Evil.


Um, You Dropped Your Medicine


It is kind of curious that dope is slowly being legalized under the rubric of “medical marijuana.” What’s especially odd is that pretty every single person in California who is too big to ride a Big Wheel must know this, but we all act as if it’s not true. And no one even mentions it. You’d think at least one crazed campaigner would be out sounding the alarm. But no, everything just slowly rumbles forward. I wonder if this is what some revolutions look like. Basically everyone already agrees, and then you do it.

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Over a Zillion Served


There’s a market solution to every problem, right? It would be interesting to hear what the “free-market” take on medical marijuana dispensaries is. Milton Friedman went on record as saying that there was no logical reason to prohibit this drug. One thing’s for sure, it’s a-happening. Get your franchise before they all get bought up by entrepeneurs in Da Nang.

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After H8, What?


This is typical of the pro-gay marriage stuff out there. We are going to try and do a pro bono campaign for this as one of our first projects.

The trick will be to loosen the logjam a little, so we’re not just saying the same things over and over and over and over. Finding a vivid way to discuss this topic which has been talked right into the ground will be a little bit of a challenge, but what the hell: we’re the professionals, right?