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Hi Friends,

Thanks for coming by. This site is temporarily on hold due to technical issues, but head over to our Facebook page and join in the fun!  COME ON OVER!

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Welcome, Everyone!


Hello, friends. Thanks for stopping by. This is the place to find political posters and flyers that you can download, print, and use absolutely free!

Thanks so much to for featuring so many of our posters on their Facebook page and Tumblr blog.

You can get T-shirts, stickers and totes at the Political Loudmouth Merch Page

Recent highlights: We passed 10 million post views per month on our FaceBook page.  And Upworthy, DailyKos,,, Dallas Voice, and many other sites have featured our posters.

So far, we’ve done sets of posters about the election, War on Women, War on Workers, Planned Parenthood, Occupy, crazy liberal ideas, the Wisconsin rebellion, your gov’t at work, healthcare reform, marriage equality, legalizing marijuana, rethinking oil, voting, and anything else about this moment in time. You can see some samples below, and links to all of our posters at the right near the top.

Download page for War on Women posters

Download page for marriage equality posters

Download page for current politics and culture posters


Bloggers Lovin’ and Hatin’ on Our Posters.

So far, our posters have appeared on thousands of blogs, and we’ve gotten some interesting comments along the way.

Most of the peeps who like them just reblog and share them with their friends. People who are moved to comment are often angered by the posters, and it’s quite interesting to hear what their take is.  Here is a sampling for you. (You can see our full set  of 200+ screen grabs here.)




















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New Poster: “If God Hates Fags, Why Are We So Cute?”

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The Chick-fil-A debacle has developed quite a bit of sturm und drang. So here’s a free poster to lighten the mood as we continue fighting the good fight against the hater community.

To download a free hi-res version of this poster, please click here.

To see more of our free downloadable posters supporting marriage equality, please visit our Facebook page.

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New Poster: “At Chick-fil-A, it’s Yahweh or the highway.”

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The tactic most Chick-fil-A supporters are taking is to “misunderstand” the situation and say that CEO Dan Cathy is entitled to have any opinions he likes. And of course, he is. But by giving millions of dollars to anti-gay groups, including one in Uganda that is working to pass a law which would punish homosexuality by death, Mr. Cathy has thrown down a gauntlet. Millions of people have picked that gauntlet up.  Please join them, and us, in boycotting Chick-fil-A restaurants.

To get a hi-res version of this poster, just click the image above.

To see more free downloadable posters on current topics, please visit our Facebook page.

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Sarah Silverman Tweeted Our Sticker! Thank you, Sarah!

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Sarah Silverman was the celebrity marshall at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade yesterday. Since we were there handing out free stickers, we gave her one when her car went by. And she tweeted a pic of herself holding it to her 3 million followers.  Thanks so much, Sarah! Glad you like it!

This is especially sweet for us since most of us here at PL are longtime Sarah fans. Woot!

Here’s the link to her tweet.

If you’d like to get the “Two Wives Kissing” art on a sticker or T-shirt, please visit our cafepress page.

You can also download hi-res poster art for free at this link.

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Pix From the San Francisco 2012 Gay Pride Parade: Sarah Silverman, David Chiu, and Many Revelers

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A Political Loudmouth street team went to the 2012 San Francisco Gay Pride Parade today.  Sarah Silverman was the parade’s Celebrity Marshall. We popped out to her car and gave her one of our stickers, “Two Girls Kissing Is Hot. Two Wives Kissing Is Hotter.” Her verdict: “Hey, I like this!” You can see her holding our sticker in this photo.

We also ran into San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu, who took a moment to pose with a PL staffer and some of our stickers. And, of course, there were many revelers up and down Market Street and at the Civic Center street party who wanted to take pix with us, and wanted us to take snaps of them with their cameras. We gave away close to 2000 stickers, including a new one for this year, “If God Hates Fags, Why Are We So Cute?”

Our “Two Wives Kissing” poster inspired so much kissing, we started talking about doing the Kissing Booth again. We’ve put it down as a definite “Let’s try to do this next year!” item. Woot!

To see our PG-rated pix from today, please click here.

If you’d like to get the “Two Wives Kissing” art on a sticker or T-shirt, please visit our cafepress page.

You can also download hi-res poster art for free at this link.



New Poster: “Please Help Us Pray Away Rick Perry.”

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The power of prayer is indeed strong, so we are calling all prayer warriors to gather with us in spirit as we bow our heads in unison and attempt to defeat this mighty foe. Ricky Perry, an avowed secessionist and sometime money-changer in the temple, would lay waste to our great nation. Can we allow this? Brethren and sistren, we can not.

For a free download of a hi-res printer-friendly version of this poster, just click the image above.

Thanks to PL reader Kelly Parry for this idea. : )

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Here Are Our Pix from the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco Today

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It was a fabu day, and we had a large team of Loudmouths out with the posters and stickers. Everyone was very pumped up about the recent New York decision on marriage equality. Much fun was had by all. Notice that the lady above is wearing our stickers. : )

You can see our photos from today on our Facebook page here.

Here’s a vid of a cute couple who wanted to kiss under our “2 Wives Kissing” sign.

You can see the pictures that had some nudity here. (We’re posting them separately because Facebook considers any nudity a violation of the terms of service.)

Hope you had a great day also!

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We’ll Be Giving Away 1000 Stickers at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco Tomorrow

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So if you see us, be sure to come over and say hi! This sticker is based on what is by far our most popular marriage equality poster. We have more posters and more stickers than we did last year, so it should be quite a bit of fun. See you there!

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Marriage Equality Passes in New York : )

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Looks like the Pride Fairy came early this year. The New York state senate just passed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Marriage Equality Act by a vote of 33-29.

All Democratic senators execpt pastor Ruben Diaz, Sr.  voted for the measure. And they were supported by Republicans Roy McDonald and James Alesi, who had announced their intentions to support the bill before the vote. Republican Steve Saland, who spoke at length about his decision, said, “I hope that my parents would be proud.” They are, Steve!

Read article

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New Poster: “Love Is For Everyus. Love Is For Everythem. Love is For Everyone.”


In celebration of Pride Week, we put together this new series of posters supporting marriage equality. Just click the image above to download a hi-res version you can print out. To see more free posters on this topic, go here.

If you’d like to have this image on a T-shirt, please visit our cafepress page.

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Just Say “Takei!”

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You may have heard that SB 49 is about to pass in the Tennessee State House. This bill, often called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, makes it a crime for teachers to acknowledge the existence of homosexuality.

In response, actor George Takei, who played “Mr. Sulu” on the original Star Trek series, is offering a solution. “Don’t say gay. Say Takei!” As in, “I support Takei marriage.” Or, “I’m going to the “Takei pride parade.” Or even, “That is soooo Takei.”

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Visit the “It’s Okay to Be Takei” online store for a T-shirt. All proceeds go to charity.


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Conservative Women and Gay Hookers: Please Join the Sex Strike

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Many PL readers suggested this idea, and Aristophanes beat us to it by a couple millennia with Lysistrata. But we still managed to add a twist that reflects the current moment.

Click the poster above to download a printable version.

Click here to see other recent posters

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Google Folks: “It Gets Better”

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The folks at Google made their own “It Gets Better” video. These must be the ultimate “It Gets Better” stories. “Once I was a slender nerd in Arkansas. A slender gay nerd. You can imagine how that went. Now I’m a software engineer at Google, I live in San Francisco, and I’m inventing the world.” We won’t even get into the stock options.  : )   Check it out here.

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We Love Surrogate Moms


When the Political Loudmouth crew went to the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, the happiest people we met all day were these surrogate mothers. They are all carrying children for gay couples, and they’re so filled with joy about what they are doing that it was a blessing just to stand near them.

As one of them, Kelly, told us about her first experience as a surrogate. “I can easily say my experience, as a surrogate, was absolutely amazing. I really believe that in the future, when I look back on all my accomplishments, it will easily be one of the best things I ever did.” And now she’s carrying a new lil bundle of joy for another gay couple. Check out Kelly’s blog, I’m Not The Mom, Just the Stork

Our hats are off to you: Kelly, Stacie, and Heather!

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Latest Marriage Equality Poster


This has been a very fun series of posters to work on. We’ve gotten so much feedback and engendered so much discussion that this has basically been the funnest thing we’ve done yet. So thanks to everyone who participated, shared, blogged, reblogged, cheered, and booed. This is the last poster, and since it’s the tail end of a long series, a little joke about buggery seemed in order. (Nyuk, nyuk). Go to download page.

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Political Loudmouth at Gay Pride in San Francisco


Click photo above to see more pix!

Our dedicated team was in downtown San Francisco at the crack of 10 am, armed with large versions of some of our posters and a bagful of stickers to give away.

We met a whole bunch of interesting people from all over, shared a lot of laughs, and got interviewed by KPFA.

The hundreds of stickers we had were gone in a few minutes, next time we’ll bring thousands. : )

Lots of people took photos of our signs, and asked if they could pose with them. So while they were taking pictures of each other, we snapped some photos to put up on our site. You can see them here.

The hands-down audience favorite was:  “Two girls kissing is hot. Two wives kissing is hotter.”  Woot!

If we met you at the parade on Sunday, thanks for coming by the site, and thanks for making our day so fun! If you want to email us pix or just get in touch, you can reach us at

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Story on Political Loudmouth in The Dallas Voice

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In case you missed it, has been offering free downloads of posters like the one above for the legalization of same-sex marriage. Cool and colorful, just download these suckers and plaster them all over the place. The site pushes targeting conservatives (um … who else?) with these posters, but the bright whimsy keeps them from coming off as too militant….”

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